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  • Who is Armchair Drummer for?

    Anyone who wants to experience the thrill of learning a new skill while feeling like a rockstar!

    For yourself: A fun way to relieve stress and fulfill your dream of playing an instrument.
    For kids: A great way to gauge a child’s interest before investing in a drumset.
    For grandkids: Encourage them with the gift of music.
    For your favorite retiree: An inspiring way to keep mentally and physically active.
  • What ages can use Armchair Drummer?

    Just about any age. The patterns and picture-based notation system were originally designed to work with children as young as 5 years old, but they work just as well (or better) with adults and everyone in between! It’s already been used with students as young as 4 and up to 75 years old, and we're always looking for someone to set a new record!

  • What are some of the benefits of playing the drums?

    Beside the obvious enjoyment and major "cool" points you’ll get from playing the drums, there are numerous other mental and physical benefits to drumming. Various studies and research over the past several decades have shown that playing a musical instrument - especially drumming – can lead to decreased stress, anxiety, and depression; increased creativity and creative process; improved cognitive function, executive function, and focus; lowered blood pressure and cortisol levels; boosted immune function and anti-inflammatory response; and a higher pain threshold.

  • What makes Armchair Drummer different from other beginner drum methods?

    No note-reading
    Beginner drum books and most online drum lessons require you to learn to read music in order to follow the material. Armchair Drummer uses a unique and original, picture-based notation system that allows you to learn all of the patterns and play all of the songs without reading any traditional music notation.

    No drumset required
    Most methods assume you already have a drumset (and many require it), whereas the patterns in Armchair Drummer are designed to be played anywhere you can tap your hands and feet -- like on a table, on your lap, and that's right... even on your armchair!

    You'll get to play along to real songs
    Many methods teach patterns or concepts, but don’t offer a way to use them. Armchair Drummer includes a CD and Mp3 digital download files of original, radio-quality play-along songs (one for each pattern and some that combine the patterns), so you have something to play along with right away.

    Created, mixed and mastered in a professional studio, these play-alongs are real songs with real instrument performances, rather than the low-quality, electronic play-along tracks often found in other methods. Once you get comfortable playing the patterns along with the included tunes, you can use those same patterns to jam along with your favorite songs.

  • Will I need to read music?

    No. All of the patterns and songs in Armchair Drummer are presented in a unique, picture-based notation system that doesn’t require you to read any traditional music notation.

  • Do I need a drumset/drumkit?

    No. Since all of the patterns in Armchair Drummer are simplified into three- and four-limb coordination exercises, you can practice the material anywhere that you can tap with your hands and feet — on your lap, on a desk, or on the steering wheel for example (but only when you’re parked, please!). You really could practice all of the patterns and songs while sitting in your armchair!

  • What's the value of playing without drums?

    The hardest part about playing the drums is coordination — getting your limbs to work together. Armchair Drummer allows people of all ages to easily understand and play the 3- and 4-limb coordination patterns that are the foundation of drumming. Even if you never intend to buy a drumset, you can experience the thrill of drumming, engage the creative side of your brain, and rock out to real music anywhere. Impress your friends... and yourself!

  • Can Armchair Drummer teach me how to play on a drumset?

    Yes! If you do have a drumset, you can apply the material immediately. Armchair Drummer shows you how, and features detailed "beyond the armchair" instruction on everything from how to hold a drumstick to how to play fills. It also contains all the drum equipment and gear information you need, along with handy buying guides. And remember, when and if you decide to take drum lessons, you'll be ahead of the game!

  • Are there other options for playing on something besides a regular drumset?

    Yes. There are a number of other options that you can drum on, many of which are smaller, quieter, and less costly than buying a full acoustic drumset. They range from a drum practice pad, which can be found at any music store (or check out THE BUNDLE on the Store page), up to a full electronic drumset that offers volume control and headphones-only playing, with many options in between. There are even apps and specialized smartphone/tablet hardware options. For suggestions, get in touch through our contact page.

    And if you decide you want to get a drumset later (or buy any other drum gear), Armchair Drummer also contains all the drum equipment information you need, along with handy buying guides.

  • What format are the play-along songs?

    The original play-along songs that accompany Armchair Drummer are included in both audio CD and Mp3 format. To access the Mp3 files, follow the instructions on the enclosed card to download the song files to your Mp3 player, computer, tablet, phone, or other device.

    Each song is presented on two tracks – one that includes example drums for you to play along with, and one that eliminates the drums so YOU can be the only drummer (those tracks do include a cowbell sound to help you keep time).

  • Will I be able to play other songs besides the ones that come with the book?

    Yes! One of the coolest things about learning the drums – and especially about learning the carefully selected patterns in Armchair Drummer – is that these drum parts are nearly universal. You’ll find these grooves/patterns in thousands of songs and probably hundreds of your favorites! Since drumming doesn’t immediately require any knowledge of chords, keys, harmony, or other complicated musical concepts like most other instruments do, you can apply everything you learn in Armchair Drummer to just about any rock, pop, country, hip-hop, or dance song (most other genres, too).

  • What else will I learn in Armchair Drummer?

    In addition to all of the patterns, songs, and play-along tracks, the book also contains a comprehensive "On The Drums" section that covers a range of topics for beginner drummers including basic technique, using the whole drumset, and adding fills and other sounds to make your performances more exciting. Armchair Drummer also contains historical information, equipment buying guides, lists of other drumming resources, a glossary of drumming and musical terms, and more. It's a valuable compilation of drumming information that you won’t find in any other single resource!

Have questions we didn’t answer? Get in touch and we’re happy to help.