Armchair Drummer:®
The Easiest Way to Start
Playing the Drums

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About the Book

Armchair Drummer:® The Easiest Way
to Start Playing the Drums
is a revolutionary new way to learn to play!

Ever dreamed of playing the drums, but not sure how to get started? Armchair Drummer is your easy and exciting gateway to the world of drumming – and you’ll be playing from day one!

As a lifelong drummer and long-time teacher of music, I’ve spent decades researching, developing, and testing the easiest and most effective way to get from zero to drumming. Armchair Drummer is a unique, simple, step-by-step solution equivalent to the first six months of drum lessons.

No prior musical experience is necessary, you don’t have to read music, and you don’t even need drums to start. Open the book, put your headphones on, and imagine yourself rocking out on stage, while you tap along to the included album of original play-along songs or your favorite music.

Or take the first step to actually getting on stage! If you want to go from the chair to the drumkit, Armchair Drummer has all the info you need, like technique tips, equipment buying guides, drum terminology explanations, and more.

Whether you want to play in a band, explore a new musical hobby to de-stress* at home, or learn a fun way to take a mental break at work, Armchair Drummer is for you. And if you decide to take your education further and hire a private lesson instructor, you’ll be expertly prepared.

You may have considered other drum books or online lessons and found them to be too complicated and mishy-mashy. But as soon as you open Armchair Drummer, you’ll find that it truly is The Easiest Way to Start Playing the Drums!


*Research has shown that playing a musical instrument, especially the drums, has numerous benefits including:

  • Reduced stress levels
  • Increased creativity
  • Improved cognitive functioning
  • Improved physical health condition