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About the Author

BJ Capelli in the studio

B.J. Capelli is a passionate professional musician, educator, author, and speaker.

He has been a performing drummer and percussionist for more than 25 years and a drum teacher for over two decades. He holds a degree in Music Education and is a certified K-12 music teacher.

As a private drum teacher, clinician, drumline instructor, and high school band director, B.J. has reached thousands of students; having taught over 25,000 (!) drum lessons and having spent just as much time working with various student and professional groups. Many of those students have gone on to a number of distinguished college music programs like The Julliard School, Berklee College of Music, University of Michigan, and University of Miami, and an equal number have become accomplished professional performers and teachers... and even a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! (Dick Boccelli AKA Dick Richards of Bill Haley's Comets - R&R HOF Class of 2012).

When he's not on stage, in the studio, or in the teaching room, B.J. can often be found inspiring camaraderie and increasing productivity through his unique music-based team-building programs, which integrate his teaching expertise, lively sense of humor, and experience in leading championship-caliber teams.

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