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What Are People Saying?

"B.J. does a great job creating the foundation for teaching and learning. His instruction is sound and accessible."
—Glenn Bell

"I'm 44 and have always been a huge fan of percussion instruments. If I'm not tapping along to a song, something is wrong. [T]his simple approach introduces the fundamentals of drumming in an easy-to-digest manner, and doesn't require a drum set. You'll be up and drumming in no time at all."
—Will Walsh

"Mine arrived in the UK today. Brief look through, and I'm looking to slap my desk and kick the boxes underneath it already ;-) "
—P.R. Taylor

"I'm going to go through quite a few armchairs before completing all the exercises, but if my first go-round is representative of the enjoyment to come, it will be totally worth it. Thanks, B.J."
—Mike Poprik

"Armchair Drummer gave me an uncomplicated and practical method for learning how to play drums at my own pace, in the comfort of my own home. I started out not knowing anything about playing the drums, or for that matter any musical instrument, or even how to read music. Within 12 weeks, I could perform all the patterns and even play along to entire songs. BJ has developed a motivating and straightforward approach to learning how to get started, and the book makes you want to come back for more."
—Brian Carp

"[B.J.] is good at getting to the important aspects of learning to play the drums. His great teaching skills, plus his knowledge... both as a former school teacher and as a music student, make him an invaluable teacher."
—Connie Culpepper

"Very relaxed approach has helped [my son] focus on the skills necessary to enjoy playing the drums."
—Linda Ryan



How Does it Work?

  • Quickly learn to play the most common rock and pop drumset grooves
  • Easy to use graphic patterns - no note reading!
  • Rock out on the couch, at your desk, or in the car - no drums needed!
  • Play along with 13 original rock songs on the included CD/Mp3 tracks. Then use the grooves you learned to play along with your favorite songs.
  • Improve your coordination, exercise your brain, and build muscle strength - all while learning the oldest and coolest instrument on Earth!

Who Is It For?

Armchair Drummer is for anyone who...

  • ...wants to be a drummer.
  • ...has thought about learning to play the drums, and wants to try it in an easy, no-commitment way.
  • ...just wants a fun, musical activity to do at work, at home, anywhere, anytime!

Armchair Drummer =
4-6 months of organized, progressive, and easy-to-understand lessons.
Play a full song on day one!



About The Author

B.J. Capelli has been a professional drummer and drum teacher for more than 20 years.

He has taught thousands of students, from beginners - young and adult - to world-class performers... even a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member!

He has drawn from that experience to create the perfect sequence of lessons and easy-to-use graphic patterns that will quickly have you up-and-drumming with Armchair Drummer: The Easiest Way to Start Playing the Drums.

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